L'Ardoise is open Tuesday to Saturday for dinner only. L’Ardoise is located at 151 Noe Street @ Henry San Francisco, California 94114 415-437-2600

    Come and celebrate valentine with us, with a special $95 menu.


wine bar

The Guardian
The French love their chalk, and no wonder. Chalk makes possible some of France’s most prized wines, from the sparkling cuvées of Champagne to the wonderful, minerally whites of the Loire Valley. It’s also useful for writing on chalkboards, which tend to be ubiquitous in French restaurants and on sidewalk sandwich boards outside of same. One of the great pleasures of Paris…
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7×7 SF
I’ve lived in the city since 1993 and since 1996, all of my editor jobs have required me to keep track of the restaurant scene. Generally, I have a smug sense of myself as someone that knows this scene pretty well. Until I’m proven wrong. Which is pretty often for someone so smug.
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SF Gate
Peek through the tiny open window into the kitchen at L’Ardoise, and you’ll see Thierry Clement with his head bent in sharp concentration. The chef and owner gracefully move about in a space no larger than a New York City galley-style kitchen. It’s in perfect scale to the 38-seat space, which envelops you like a warm cocoon the moment you push through the cloaks of fabric at…
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SF Weekly
In one’s dream of city life, certain factors are key: a pleasant, light-filled, quiet, and maybe even spacious apartment; easy parking or access to public transportation; and amenities ranging from convenient goods and services to distinctive features such as parks and playgrounds.
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Travel + Leisure
If you want to woo your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day with a perfect night out, don’t waste a minute second-guessing your restaurant reservation. Yelp has put together a list of the 25 most romantic restaurants in the United States (based on the volume of reviews mentioning the word ‘romantic … L’ardoise Bistro in San Francisco, California is one of the most “Romantic Restaurants in the United States, According to Yelp”
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Fox News
Spend Valentine’s Day at the most romantic restaurant in the country…..
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